Boys and Girls Clubs of Harrisburg aims to reconnect with all alumni, as well as friends of the Club, including former Club staff, volunteers, parents, youth served or others who have been positively impacted by the Club


Create a grassroots community of Alumni and Friends who will serve as advocates, donors and volunteers to advance the Boys and Girls Club mission.


BGC of Harrisburg is a community committed to advancing the development of Club alumni and enabling all young people to reach their full potential.


Alumni membership is free. Membership provides opportunities to positively impact Clubs and kids, as well as accelerate personal and professional growth. Alumni and Friends membership offers opportunities to:

CONNECT: With the club and fellow Alumni to stay informed and have a hands-on-role in supporting the young people we serve.

DEVELOP: Professionally and personally through:

–  Networking opportunities with other successful alumni
–  Volunteer leadership roles locally

GIVE BACK: To local Clubs directly:

–  Serving as an Alumni ambassador
–  Advocating for Harrisburg’s youth
–  Donating resources to sustain and grow Clubs and high-impact youth programs
–  Fundraising for the Club


Recruitment:   Develop and grow awareness of Alumni and encourage membership registrations through promotion via data search, emails, social media, internal integral marketing strategies, word of mouth, events and other communication platforms.

ENGAGEMENT: Encourage Alumni to connect and remain involved in the club and the alumni community at large, and give back to Harrisburg’s youth by donating, advocating, volunteering and serving the club.

1.  Serving as an Alumni ambassador
2.  Complete Alumni Assessment
3.  Alumni Data Base
4.  Marketing and Social Media
5.  Strategy for Archives and Legacy
6.  Website and Social Media Strategy
7.  Event Planning

ONCE A HARRISBURG CLUB KID, ALWAYS A HARRISBURG CLUB KID: Your club experience always stays with you.  Now it’s your turn to give back.



Volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg and make a difference in the lives of our youth.


The Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg has partnered with organizations to bring programs and services to our youth.


Join us and work with a diverse group of youth development professionals who are passionate about serving our kids.


Great Futures Start Here through monthly, planned or honor/memorial giving. Donations are appreciated.