The Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Mark Butler, CEO and President of Ollies.

It was widely known that Mark was a true champion of the Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg. In 2010, a tour was planned by Mr. Bill Rothman for Mark Butler, Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation and a team of supporters who visited our Angino Clubhouse location in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and met with then Executive Director Yvonne Hollins.

After their initial meeting, Mark told Mrs. Hollins, “I feel your passion and commitment to the kids and this organization. “They next toured the property and when they walked outside where Mark asked, “Does the city own that field in the back of the building?” Mrs. Hollins replied, “No we do.” That’s when Mark paused and said, “This is it. That will be the area for the youth development park.” It was named “Mark and Betty Butler Field at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Park”. This field is used by the Boys & Girls Club members and the community. Mark emphasized the importance of education..

Mrs. Hollins is a firm believer that God sends certain people to do certain things and know that Mark was always a part of our organizational family. We recognize him as a staple and icon in the community. He loved the children and will be greatly missed.

We will do everything to keep Mark’s legacy alive as he understood, GREAT FUTURES START HERE!

The Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg would also like to thank the entire Ollies family for their love and support of our organization. We understand that part of our foundation in the community is not just the financial gifts to keep the doors open, but the gifts of understanding that Mark's passion and love for the kids is a major part of us.



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